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The European Central Bank (ECB) welcomes the decision by 16 European banks to launch the European Payments Initiative. This initiative aims to create a unified payment solution for consumers and merchants across Europe, encompassing a payment card and a digital wallet and covering in-store, online and person-to-person payments as well as cash withdrawals The European Payments Initiative, previously known as the Pan-European Payments System Initiative, is a European Central Bank-backed payment-integration initiative aiming to create a pan-European payment system and interbank network to rival Mastercard and Visa, and eventually replace national European payment schemes such as France's Carte Bancaire and Germany's Girocard. It is supported by the European Commission, and currently comprises twenty major European banks In July 2020, a group of 16 major European banks from five countries (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain) paved the way for the future launch of the European Payments Initiative, by announcing the creation of the EPI Interim Company in Brussels, responsible for initiating the implementation of the joint payment initiative

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European payments: The European Commission welcomes the initiative by a group of 16 banks to launch a European payments initiative (EPI) The European Commission welcomes the agreement reached today by 16 major Eurozone banks from Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands towards the creation a unified payment solution for consumers and. Mit der European Payment Initiative geht auf bundesdeutscher Ebene das Projekt #DK (Digitale Kreditwirtschaft) einher. Ziel dieses Payment-Projekts ist es, Verbrauchern und Händlern sowohl im stationären Handel als auch im E-Commerce durch eine Bündelung der bestehenden Verfahren Vorteile in der Handhabung und eine höhere Wiedererkennbarkeit zu bieten. Die in #DK entwickelten Ansätze zahlen voll auf die EPI-Zielsetzungen ein, denn die Zusammenführung der derzeit bestehenden. - a major advance for European payments. Since its launch in November 2017, the . Single Euro Payments Area Instant Credit Transfer (SEPA Instant Credit Transfer ) scheme has grown significantly. Find out more information about the latest SCT Inst achievements. All eligible . Payment Service Provider Today, a group of 16 major European banks from five countries (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain) paved the way for the future launch of the European Payments Initiative (EPI) BRUSSELS, 2 July 2020 - The European Association of Cooperative Banks, the European Savings and Retail Banking Group and the European Banking Federation welcome the decision taken today by a group of 16 major European banks to take their European Payments Initiative (EPI) to the next phase

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The European Digital Payments Industry Alliance (the EDPIA) represents the interests of independent Payment Services Providers headquartered in Europe. Its purpose is to contribute to EU policy debates that define the business environment for digital payments, and to strengthen the visibility and understanding of the European payments industry amongst policy makers and European society Valentina Caruso EMPSA Board Member, Bancontact Payconiq SIBS, with a track record of over 30 years of innovation and cooperation in payments, is proud to contribute to the birth of EMPSA, hoping to leverage its success with MB WAY in Portugal to foster collaboration and unlock new possibilities in the European cross-border space The initiative has been strongly supported by the European Commission and the European Central Bank and will be built on the Eurosystem's recently rolled-out instant payment settlement infrastructure. Other payment service providers are invited to join as founding members by the end of this year About EPI: The European Payments Initiative (EPI) aims to create a unified pan-European payment solution. Its founding members to date are: Keep reading about. Banking; Digital banking; Innovation; Other interesting stories. Digital Economics. BBVA shares cybersecurity recommendations with the European Commission. BBVA had the opportunity to share with the European Commission (EC) its vision.

May 2 2021. 384. Print this page. More than 30 of Europe's largest banks and credit card processors are trying to create a payments giant capable of shattering a US-dominated oligopoly. A. We first published a data set with the comprehensive historic record of EU budget payments from the European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund to the Member States and NUTS-2 regions in April 2018. That year marked the 30th anniversary of delivering EU regional policy using a programming approach based on shared management. The 1988 reform saw an important shift from project-based financing to programming with a stronger role for national and regional authorities. Since 1988. The European Payments Initiative (EPI) is looking to create a payments firm that can take on some of the biggest U.S. FinTechs and payments companies, Financial Times (FT) reported on Monday (May.


European banks invest €30m in EU rival to Visa and Mastercard. The banks and other institutions backing the development of a unified payment systems for merchants and consumers across Europe have so far invested €30m in the European Payments Initiative, EPI chair Joachim Schmalzl has revealed. Plans to set up the pan-European payments. EPI aims to create a unified, innovative pan-European payment solution leveraging Instant Payment/SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst), which offers a card for consumers and merchants across Europe, a digital wallet, and P2P payments. Worldline and Nets are joining as shareholders of the recently created company, as the first third-party acquirers to enter the initiative The so-called European Payments Initiative aims to become a new standard means of payment, offering a card for consumers and retailers across Europe, the statement from the 16 banks said. It will. EPI ready to start building the payment solution architecture. Technical partners can now submit their candidacy. EPI is currently assessing how the necessary central infrastructure could be obtained, or built, and how best it should be operated, to sustain all the necessary solution functions and needs, as well as the solution needs of the technical entity, in relation to the payment products.

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9 March 2015-EBA CLEARING kicks off task force as part of work on pan-European instant payment infrastructure solution; 10 October 2017 - SWIFTNet Instant to provide access to EBA CLEARING's RT1 system (1) 14 November 2017 - IBERPAY ready to connect Spanish banks to EBA CLEARING's RT1 system for SCT Inst processing; 21 November 2017 - Successful go-live for EBA CLEARING's instant payment. members. The EPC's membership brings together a wide range of stakeholders - from major companies, professional and business associations, foundations, civil society groups, diplomatic missions and regional associations - to help shape its input into the issues dominating the EU's agenda

To increase transparency and ensure a high level of consumer protection within the European Single market, the European Banking Authority (EBA) established a central register that contains information about payment and electronic money institutions authorised or registered within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area countries (EEA) Its work includes international regulatory initiatives dealing with financial crime, European initiatives dealing with payments regulation, as well as online security. Members meet regularly to share experience and know-how, and to develop good practice. Join the EMA. New members of the EMA will benefit from the experience and know-how that has been built up over more than a decade. Members.

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Bank and the European Commission to come up with the European Payments Initiative (EPI), which remains to be confirmed. COVID-19 and European retail payments. O W 6 OVERALL SPENDING HAS DECREASED BY UP TO 50 PERCENT YEAR-ON-YEAR, AND SPENDING BY CATEGORY HAS SHIFTED There has been a strong downward shift in purchase volumes: instead of going to see movies, concerts or sporting events. The Pan European Payment System Initiative (PEPSI) would handle all forms of cashless transactions. Carlo Bovero, global cards and retail payments manager at BNP Paribas, had alluded to PEPSI during a conference organised by the banking magazine Revue Banque in Paris, but the idea of challenging US dominance of the European market has been in play for a while Today, EPI Interim Company, responsible for initiating the implementation of the European Payments Initiative (EPI), is pleased to announce that PKO Bank Polski (PKO BP), Poland's largest. Member of the Month . June and July 2021 - Nets They create value for their stakeholders by delivering payments and digital services that are used by thousands of merchants, hundreds of financial institutions, thousands of corporates and millions of consumers across Europe, and that benefit communities and society as a whole

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Disclosure of payments to HCPs. Under the EFPIA Code, the pharmaceutical industry have to disclose payments made to healthcare professionals, such as sponsorship to attend meetings, speaker fees, consultancy and advisory boards. Bringing greater transparency to this, already well-regulated, vital relationship is about strengthening the basis. European payment order - Judicial atlas. General information. Regulation (EC) No 1896/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 December 2006 creating a European order for payment procedure allows creditors to recover their uncontested civil and commercial claims according to a uniform procedure that operates on the basis of standard forms EU facts behind the claims: the membershi. p fee. 13 April 2016. Britain sends £350m to Brussels each week [implying £18 billion each year].. ( Leave) Britain would save just £5.29bn [each year] by leaving the EU ( Remain) The questions of what we contribute to the EU budget, and what we would save by leaving, are slightly different

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The European Payments Initiative (EPI) wants to compete visa, @[453150811428411:274:Mastercard], @[589464587749730:274:PayPal] & co with their own payment network. But from when and how exactly? . Translated. Die European Payments Initiative (EPI) will Visa, Mastercard, PayPal und Co mit einem eigenen Zahlungsnetz Konkurrenz machen. Aber ab wann und wie genau? bezahlen.de. European. In doing so, EPI founders are responding to merchant and consumer communities that have been calling for payment initiatives to take a more pan-European approach. EPI will first and foremost benefit European citizens, possibly boosting innovation in the world of payments. More than 50% of retail payment transactions in Europe are still done by. 03.09.2019 - 09:22. Blue Code International AG. Gründung der europäischen Mobile-Payment-Vereinigung EMPSA Mobiles Bezahlen nach europäischen Regeln: Bluecode startet wegweisende Kooperation. The European Commission launched the European Battery Alliance in October 2017 to address this industrial challenge. The annual market value is estimated at €250 billion from 2025 onwards. For Europe, the establishment of a complete domestic battery value chain is imperative for a clean energy transition and a competitive industry The EBA announced today that it is getting ready to develop requirements that will harmonise regulatory and supervisory practices to ensure secure, easy and efficient payment services across the EU. The EBA will do so by fulfilling mandates under the upcoming revised Payments Services Directive (PSD2) and the Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR). It has also issued final Guidelines for the.

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Parliament's initiative rights . While in Member States, alongside governments, national parliaments are empowered to propose legislation, through either a certain number of Members of Parliament, a political party group, or even individual Members, at EU level, the Treaty on European Union (TEU) reserves the right to initiate legislation almost entirely for the European Commission (Article 17. A pan-European payments network can be in place by 2025 to make the continent a master of its own destiny in a sector dominated by American duo Visa and Mastercard, the project's top official said on Wednesday. The European Payments Initiative (EPI) was launched last July and became an interim company in December with 22 banks as shareholders The European Payments Initiative (EPI) aims to create a unified pan-European payment solution. Its founding members to date are: BBVA, BNP Paribas, Groupe BPCE, CaixaBank, Commerzbank, Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel, Deutsche Bank, Deutcher Sparkassen- und Giroverband, DZ BANK Group, ING, KBC Group, La Banque Postale, Banco Santander, Société Générale, UniCredit . Noticias Relacionadas. payment, clearing and settlement systems which are relevant to all EU member states. The reshaping and consolidation of the infrastructure has been particularly prevalent in the market segment for largevalue payments, which is now served by two area- wide systems

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In Europe, Open Banking is promoted by the European Commission as part of a digital agenda to open up services, provide choice, and foster competition and innovation in the market. PSD2 Access to Account (XS2A) is a mandatory regulatory component, under which all institutions that offer payment accounts, must offer access to regulated third party providers News INSTEX: Europe sets up transactions channel with Iran. Germany, France and the UK have set up a payment channel with Iran called INSTEX, to help continue trade and circumvent US sanctions Alternate Members of the IMI Governing Board. Magda Chlebus Executive Director, Science Policy and Regulatory Affairs, EFPIA Declaration of interests. James Eshelby Executive Director, Head of Pfizer IMI Office External R&D Innovation Declaration of interests. Giacomo Mattinò European Commission, Head of Unit - Food, Retail, Health within the Directorate-General for Internal Market. Speech by Mr Benoît Cœuré, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, at the Joint Conference of the European Central Bank and the National Bank of Belgium on Crossing the chasm to the retail payments of tomorrow, Brussels, 26 November 2019 EMF-ECBC Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative In the EU, buildings are responsible for 40% of total energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions. The EMF-ECBC has launched a ground-breaking mortgage financing initiative to support energy efficient improvements to the European building stock. See more. Previous Next. About us . Established in 1967, the European Mortgage Federation (EMF) is the.

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We are back with the third and final episode of our European Payments Initiative Podcast Series in collaboration with Netcetera and G+D.In this episode, we t.. Find out how you can start or join a citizens initiative to propose EU legislatio

Member Region Country Industry Initiative; A/S Arbejdernes Landsbank. Europe: Denmark: Banking : Principles for Responsible Banking: ABANCA Corporación Bancaria S.A. Europe: Spain: Banking: Net Zero Banking Alliance and Principles for Responsible Banking: ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Europe: Netherlands: Banking: Principles for Responsible Banking: ABSA Group Limited. Africa & Middle East: South Africa. For all these reasons, we have been working this week at the European Commission and the European External Action Service to launch, together with EU Member States and financial institutions, a 20 billion euro package to support our partner countries to combat the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences. The Team Europe package has the aim of supporting the most vulnerable countries.

Mission One central mission: working towards European integration and sustainable development through regional cooperation. The Central European Initiative (CEI) is a regional intergovernmental forum established in 1989, following the fall of the Berlin wall. It gathers 17 Member States in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe EFRI Association. Initiative to combat cybercrime against consumers and small investors in Europe/ European Funds Recovery Initiative. Registered in Vienna, Austria ZVR No: 1493630560. Board Members

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European Paediatric Formulation Initiative (EuPFI) is a consortium working in a pre-competitive way on paediatric drug formulations. Members are from academia, hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry (Innovators, Generics,Contract Research Organizations (CRO), Specials and Excipient Manufacturers) with European Medicine Agency (EMA) as an observer As soon as the GAIA-X AISBL is legally established, further members will be admitted, especially from other European member states. Meanwhile, the founding members will continue to prepare and develop the associations headquarter in Brussels and its key organisational structures. If you are interested in becoming a member of the association, please send an e-mail to aisbl@data-infrastructure. Members and participants in Vendorcom are drawn from right across the European Payments Community and include card schemes, issuers, acquirers, security, risk & fraud solutions providers, QSAs, consultancies, EPoS hardware and software solutions vendors, payment gateways, processors, merchants and many other stakeholder groups. In total, we are engaged with over 2000 organisations in the. Georgia, Lithuania, Malta and Portugal are the latest Member States to be welcomed to the European Health Information Initiative (EHII) alongside new institutional members Public Health England, the European Public Health Association, and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, which is a WHO collaborating centre The A6 Alliance, founded by the ANSP members of the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU), is an inclusive coalition of ANSPs across Europe who are committed to helping modernise the European ATM system. The aim of the A6 Alliance is to identify and synchronise the key capabilities of its members, and deploy them to best effect to deliver customer and network benefits. The A6 Alliance also provides.

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A pan-European payments network can be in place by 2025 to make the continent a master of its own destiny in a sector dominated by American duo Visa and Mastercard, the project's top official said on Wednesday. The European Payments Initiative (EPI) was launched last July and became an interim company in December with 22 banks as shareholders The 11 members of the initiative are: Andorra; Cyprus; Estonia; Iceland; Latvia; Luxembourg; Malta; Monaco; Montenegro; San Marino; Slovenia; The initiative was established in 2013 at an informal meeting in Turkey, during the 63rd session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe. The first high-level meeting of small countries was organized in July 2014, hosted by San Marino, to discuss how. The European Responsible Care® Security Code. In 2010, Cefic and its member federations adopted the European Responsible Care® Security Code, whose role is to advance Responsible Care® in Europe promoting and ensuring consistency of implementation by national member federations.Each Cefic member federation is responsible for developing and running its own national Responsible Care.

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  1. European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform A joint initiative by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committe
  2. MEMBERS: 22 in total. The P&P VIS - Pulp and Paper Value Chain Information System - is a joint initiative of EPCG (European Pulp and Paper Chemical Group) and Cepi. The objective is to establish a standardized way to communicate product stewardship information along the value chain in an efficient and harmonized way
  3. The European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD) is an international non-profit organisation based in Leipzig, Germany, with several members and more than 100 regional network partners in Europe, Canada, Chile and Australia. The main aim of the European Alliance Against Depression is to improve care and optimise treatment for patients with depressive disorders and to prevent suicidal behaviour.
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  5. Electric Vehicles Initiative EVI was launched under the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), a high-level dialogue among Energy Ministers from the world's major economies. Fifteen countries are currently participating in EVI: Canada, Chile, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and the United Kingdom

The European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO) was created in 2016 in order to act as the Commission's counterpart in a contractual public-private partnership covering Horizon 2020 in the years 2016 to 2020. The majority of ECSO's 250 members belong either to the cybersecurity industry or to research and academic institutions in the field. correspond to the number of Members of the European Parliament elected in each Member State, multiplied by 750. The Commission should be empowered to amend that annex in order to reflect any modification in the composition of the European Parliament. (7) It is appropriate to fix a minimum age for supporting a citizens' initiative. That should. EGI Council. The EGI Council is responsible for defining the strategic direction of the EGI federation. The Council acts as the senior decision-making and supervisory authority of the EGI Foundation, with a mandate to define the strategic direction of the entire EGI ecosystem.. The EGI Council welcomes applications from like-minded countries and organisations to become part of the EGI vision.

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  1. API Standardization initiative, which has published a white paper—developed in collaboration with Accenture— mapping out future plans to help ensure standardized API adoption and use9. HOW REGULATION HAS DRIVEN FASTER PAYMENTS AND OPEN BANKING IN THE UK Overseen by the Bank of England, the Faster Payments Service was launched as an optional membership scheme aimed at boosting speed.
  2. Initiative 2010 Guide to Financing Projects from European Technology Platforms Financing Instruments of the European Commission and the European Investment Bank Index What is the purpose of this document? Page 3 1. Introduction Page 4 2. The EIB is a strong partner for fostering RTD and innovation in Europe How can ETP projects be financed? Page 5 3. European Technology Platforms are.
  3. 9 th March 2021 - Leading Open Banking payments platform, Token, and BNP Paribas, today announced the launch of the first online payments service to combine the power of SEPA Instant and PSD2 APIs, two major initiatives from the European Payments Council. Developed with Token, BNP Paribas Instanea is a turnkey instant payments initiation solution. It delivers account-to-account (A2A) payment.
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Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013, Regulation (EU) No 1301/2013 and Regulation (EU) No 508/2014 as regards specific measures to mobilise investments in the health care systems of the Member States and in other sectors of their economies in response to the COVID-19 outbreak [Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative Leading Open Banking payments platform, Token, and BNP Paribas, today announced the launch of the first online payments service to combine the power of SEPA Instant and PSD2 APIs, two major initiatives from the European Payments Council. Developed with Token, BNP Paribas Instanea is a turnkey instant payments initiation solution. It delivers account-to-account (A2A) payment capabilities to. PRESS RELEASE. 29 Members of European Parliament call for support for the European Citizens Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income! Twenty-nine Members of the European Parliament from twelve.

Continue reading for information about positions as Board Members, Treasurer-Elect and Committee Members. Download the Calls for full details, application criteria and nomination procedure. Continue reading EADV Spring Symposium 2021. 17 May 2021 On-demand content from this year's Symposium remains online until 31 July 2021 or discover the Symposium Debrief for an overview of some of the most. 1.1 UK membership of the European Union (EU) creates rights and obligations: for the UK as a state, for individual citizens, and for businesses and other organisations. There are cross- cutting rights and obligations, such as the UK's right to a say in the making of EU laws, and its obligation to comply with them once agreed. There are also rights and obligations arising in specific policy.

ICLEI Europe joins the New European Bauhaus initiative. ICLEI is proud to join as an official partner of the New European Bauhaus initiative, which is a movement toward shared wellbeing, which takes an interdisciplinary lens, considering culture, the arts, social inclusion, science and technology. ICLEI will contribute to the initiative's aims to c... Urban Governance Advocacy Membership 8. RBA events bring together multiple stakeholders to share perspectives and improve knowledge. RBA events take place multiple times per year around the world and support companies, workers, government, civil society, investors and academia to exchange perspective, ideas and improve their knowledge. All RBA events and in-person trainings open to. Published by D. Clark , Jan 19, 2021. In 2019 Germany's contributions to the budget of the European Union was 25.82 billion Euros, the highest of any EU member state. France was the next highest. The AEPC was founded in Lyon, France in 1963 and continues to grow as a network of specialists in the field of Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology. AEPC's mission is to promote the knowledge of the normal and diseased heart and circulation, exchange of knowledge and continuous education. read more ERS membership. ERS is made up of over 35,000 respiratory clinicians, scientists and allied healthcare professionals, spanning more than 160 countries worldwide. Members are central to the Society and actively participate in setting the agenda across all ERS activities. Members have access to and enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits

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EAM president and members support European Foundation for the Prevention of Environmental and Health Crises initiative In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, 77 leading scientists from across Europe, including seven EAM members, have mobilized in a call for a European Foundation for the Prevention of Environmental.. Europe's Largest Initiative Launches to Accelerate Therapy Development for COVID-19 and Future Coronavirus Threats. CARE (Corona Accelerated R&D in Europe), supported by Europe's Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), is the largest undertaking of its kind dedicated to discovering and developing urgently needed treatment options for COVID-19 ; The initiative is committed to a long-term.

The European Association of Geochemistry is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting geochemistry internationally. To this aim, the EAG organizes the Goldschmidt Conference in Europe, publishes open access journals, recognizes scientific excellence, supports early career scientists and sponsors outreach initiatives Check out this amazing testimony from Kim, one of our 40 for 40 team members, on why she's coming to Europe this summer! There's still time to join -..

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