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  1. tyepscript instanceof operator instaneof operator checks if the object is another object type and returns true. This checking is done at runtime. This will be checked in conditional e. Synta
  2. 1: typeof returns a type and instanceof returns a boolean Using our person variable from above, let's see an example person = new Chef (); console . log ( typeof person ) // object (a type) console . log ( person instanceof Chef ) // true (a boolean
  3. That's why, sometimes, you need to check the variable's type in JavaScript — using typeof operator, as well as instanceof to check instance types. Let's see in more detail how to use typeof and instanceof operators in JavaScript. 1. typeof operator In JavaScript, you can find primitive types like strings, numbers, booleans, symbols
  4. class Pet { } class Dog extends Pet { bark() { console.log(woof); } } class Cat extends Pet { purr() { console.log(meow); } } function example(foo: any) { if (foo instanceof Dog) { // foo is type Dog in this block foo.bark(); } if (foo instanceof Cat) { // foo is type Cat in this block foo.purr(); } } example(new Dog()); example(new Cat())

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  1. The instanceof operator requires the left operand to be of type Any, an object type, or a type parameter type, and the right operand to be of type Any or a subtype of the 'Function' interface type. The result is always of the Boolean primitive type. So you could us
  2. Der folgende Quelltext nutzt instanceof, um zu demonstrieren, dass String und Date Objekte von Typ Object sind (sie sind von Object abgeleitet). Immer, wenn ein Objekt durch die Objekt Literal Notation erstellt wird, ist das eine Ausnahme: Auch wenn der Prototype undefined ist, ergibt instanceof Object true
  3. The best you could probably do is change your function to take an extra parameter which is a constructor function for type T and use that to do the instanceof: class Foo { public blah() { } } function success<T>(check: T|boolean, constructor: {new (): T}): boolean { return typeof check === 'boolean' ? check : check instanceof constructor; }.
  4. typeguard type guard is instanceof instance of typeof typedefof as. Suggestion. All current type guards supported by TypeScript are substandard, full of gotchas, and especially: extremely confusing for C# developers. Use Cases. Problems with typeof: it's not strongly typed. It returns a string. Why not return a typed object so that you can compare objects instead of strings? This way you wouldn't need the dreaded/ugly triple-equal operator. (Sidenote: this is also super.
  5. As you might have guessed, instanceof is also a type guard, and TypeScript narrows in branches guarded by instanceofs. function logValue ( x : Date | string ) { if ( x instanceof Date )

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function typejudge (params: number) { return params; } console.log ( typeof 1);// number console.log ( typeof Hello,world!); // string console.log ( typeof ( [0, 1, 2])); console.log ( typeof ( [0, java 中的 instanceof 运算符是用来在运行时指出对象是否是特定类的一个实例。. instanceof 通过返回一个布尔值来指出,这个对象是否是这个特定类或者是它的子类的一个实例。 User Defined Type Guards mean that the user can declare a particular Type Guard or you can help TypeScript to infer a type when you use, for example, a function. We will demonstrate this with the following code: The instanceof and typeof operators aren't always the best tool to use. In a scenario where you may want to create or break. 2. instanceof instanceof は、クラスインスタンス(例: new Target())の判定かつ、判定先がクラス(例: class Target {})の時に使用できる。 instanceof 演算子は、オブジェクトが自身のプロトタイプにコンストラクタの prototype プロパティを持っているかを確認します A typeOf keyword returns the type of an identifier in TypeScript. We can use that to check the Type of money variable. If it is a string, then we can proceed with the use of parseInt. The code is as shown below

TypeScript는 여러분이 다른 문자열과 비교하는 것을 못하게 하지 않지만 TypeScript는 해당 표현을 타입 가드로 인식하지 않습니다. 타입 가드 의 instanceof typeof 타입 가드 를 읽었고 JavaScript에서 instanceof 연산자에 익숙하다면 아마 여기서 설명하는 내용이 익숙할 것입니다 Typescript has a number of related concepts in which a type gets treated temporarily as a similar type. Most of these concepts are internal-only. None of them are documented very well. For the internal concepts, we expect nobody needs to know about them to use the language. For the external concepts, we hope that they work well enough that most people still don't need to think about them.

typeof. TypeScriptはJavaScriptの instanceof と typeof 演算子の使用を認識しています。. 条件付きブロックでこれらを使用すると、TypeScriptはその条件ブロック内で異なる変数の型を理解します。. ここでは、TypeScriptが特定の関数が string に存在せず、おそらくユーザーのタイプミスであったことを指摘する簡単な例を示します:. function doSomething(x: number | string) {. if (typeof x === 'string. Edit, analyze, refactor, test & debug .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Xamarin, Mono, Unity apps. Increase your everyday productivity and code quality, whether you're a novice or pr Typescript basic examples; TypeScript Core Types; TypeScript with AngularJS; TypeScript with SystemJS; Typescript-installing-typescript-and-running-the-typescript-compiler-tsc; Unit Testing; User-defined Type Guards; Type guarding functions; Using instanceof; Using typeof; Using Typescript with React (JS & native) Using Typescript with RequireJ Learn TypeScript Using an `instanceof` type guard. Using an `instanceof` type guard. In this lesson, we will learn about the instanceof operator and how it can be used to narrow the type of class objects.. It's #FrontendFriday - Typ-Check mit instanceof und typeof. Bekir Erpolat. 2 MIN LESEDAUER. 0 KOMMENTARE . IN POCKET SPEICHERN. 18.06.2021 - Es ist soweit kurz vor dem Wochenende heißt es wieder: It's #FrontendFriday. Im heutigen Blog geht es um den Typ-Check in TypeScript. instanceof-Operator. Der instanceof-Operator testet, ob die Eigenschaft prototype eines Konstruktors irgendwo in.

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This is my favorite type about TypeScript: instead of having function or method overloading, TS allows us to have combined types — unions and intersections of them. Here are some examples: A function that can accept a Date object or a string with a Date in ISO format. This is very useful, but can tricky sometimes. Consider this two classes: As you see, this different classes share one method. Type safety! TypeScript is all about making JavaScript scale intelligently. nameof is just one of the tricks in the book that makes life a little easier when you want the type safety of knowing that the string you type is a property on a given object. When declaring React components with inputs bound to the names of properties on an object, you can use nameof to guarantee that the property. typeof, instanceof, Array.isArray TypeScript's type inference provides special support for assertion functions, if we mark such functions with assertion signatures as return types. W.r.t. how and what we can return from a function, an assertion signature is equivalent to void. However, it additionally triggers narrowing. There are two kinds of assertion signatures: Asserting a boolean.

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In order to validate this prop at runtime, Vue runs validation code similar to to what is listed above in order to check that it is in fact an instanceof the type provided. Typescript interfaces do not exist at runtime, so this The TypeScript allows us to create Type Aliases using the keyword type. We can combine it with the TypeOf to create Type Aliases for anonymous types. In the following code, we create a Type Alias personType and assign it the type using the typeof person. Now the personType becomes type alias for the type { code: string, name: string } In TypeScript, types are normally set during declaration. It is possible to allow the compiler to infer your type. However, the type the compiler chooses may not be the one you desire since it isn't always obvious. In addition to the types supported by JavaScript, TypeScript has its own unique types and also allows you to create your own types. The first thing to realize about types in. ich habe einen Type A und Type B. ich habe ein Objekt , geparst aus json-text und mappe diese dann in mein kombinierten AB type.. d.h. AB kann entweder A oder B enthalten.. aber wie kann ich nun prüfen ob der Inhalt vom Type A oer B ist!?! mit typeof , as, instanceOf k.a. finde ich es nicht heraus.. geht das überhaupt irgendwie? stehe aufm. logMyErrors(e); } } Note: The example above is also the only correct way to narrow down types for catch clauses in TypeScript. And since all possible values can be thrown, and we only have one catch clause per try statement to handle them, the type range of e is exceptionally broad. 3

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多数成员. 如果需要检查许多成员以确定某个对象是否与您的类型匹配,则可以添加一个鉴别器。. 下面是最基本的示例:. 可以实现你想要的,而不需要instanceof关键字,因为你现在可以编写自定义类型保护: interface A { member:string; } function instanceOfA (object: any. TypeScript 中也可以自定义 Type Guard,所谓自定义 Type Guard 就是一个返回 boolean 值的函数,此函数可以对函数的参数进行断言校验:. 自定义 Type Guard 常用于未知的外部的数据类型校验,如从后端返回的数据,因为 TypeScript 不会侵入运行时环境,所以 TypeScript 在这种. Handling errors in TypeScript and JavaScript is one of the fundamental things a developer should be experienced in. It's as important as the rest of the code, and should never be overlooked or underestimated. This is a guide to help newer developers understand how to handle errors, throwing errors, and using try/catch/finally according to industry standards, and also how not to handle them. Check the object data type by Type Guards. Type Guard can be used when the object is Object type but if it is unknown data type it may not be object. Therefore, compiler says object is of type 'unknown'. In this case, you need to cast it to any. However, it doesn't make sense to use unknown in this case and eslint shows a warning when any is.

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TypeScript ist objektorientiertes JavaScript. TypeScript unterstützt objektorientierte Programmierfunktionen wie Klassen, Schnittstellen usw. Eine Klasse in Bezug auf OOP ist eine Blaupause zum Erstellen von Objekten. Eine Klasse kapselt Daten für das Objekt. Typescript bietet integrierte Unterstützung für dieses Konzept namens class TypeScript decides which types are assignable to each other using an approach called 'structural typing'. This kind of type system started appearing in mainstream languages relatively recently (in the last 10 years or so), and might be a little counterintuitive if you come from a Java or C# background. You may have heard of 'duck typing' in relation to dynamically-typed languages. The phrase.

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tools to become useful, the TypeScript type system makes extensive use of type inference. For example, from the following statement, TypeScript will infer that the variable 'i' has the type number. var i = 0; TypeScript will infer from the following function definition that the function f has return type string A Type Guard reduces the type of object in a conditional block. The most known Type Guards are the famous typeof and instanceof operators. Unfortunately one can quickly feel the limits of the basic Type Guards when e.g. working with plain JavaScript objects. Below an example of a user defined Type Guard. f is IApple is a type predicate Built-in type guards. TypeScript comes with some built-in type guards: typeof and instanceof. They're very useful, but have limited scope. For example, typeof can only be used to check string, number, bigint, function, boolean, symbol, object, and undefined types. You might be thinking, What other types are there? The catch is that typeof only performs a shallow type-check. It can. Going through the steps of this implementation involves understanding typescript's typing system, generics, type guards, useful keywords like keyof and infer, union types, and index types. Sources StackOverflow answer about trying to call instanceof on a generic type. Referencing the constructor of a type in typeScript (generically) Addendu

一、keyof 简介TypeScript 允许我们遍历某种类型的属性,并通过 keyof 操作符提取其属性的名称。keyof 操作符是在 TypeScript 2.1 版本引入的,该操作符可以用于获取某种类型的所有键,其返回类型是联合类型。下面我们来看个例子:interface Person { name: string; age: number; location: string;}type K1 = keyof Person; // name. Instanceof. instanceof type guard is for narrowing types using a constructor function, in a way similar to how it works in JavaScript. As you can see, the right side of the instanceof is a constructor function. Then, inside the condition (line 86), we know that the figure is of Square type so we can use any specific properties for this type Custom Types: Typescript also lets us define custom types called alias that we easily reuse later. To create a custom type we just need to use the type keyword and define our type. type Human = {firstName: string, age: number, height: number} In this example, we define a custom type with the name of Human and three properties. Now let's look. Dynamic type validation in TypeScript. July 7, 2020 9 min read 2712. There is no doubt that TypeScript has enjoyed a huge adoption in the JavaScript community, and one of the great benefits it provides is the type checking of all the variables inside our code. It will check if performing any operation on a variable is possible given its type How to instantiate a generic type in TypeScript. Published 2017-08-01 Updated 2018-10-12. In C# we can define a generic type argument and instantiate this type at runtime: public class Factory { public T Create<T> () where T: new() { return new T(); } } var factory = new Factory(); var person = factory.Create<Person> (); But how would you write.

TypeScript Inheritance. Inheritance is the ability of a class to extend the functionality of another class. Former one is called Child Class or Sub Class and the later is called Parent Class or Super Class. Hence, Child Class can inherit the properties (state) and functions (behavior) and they themselves can have additional class variables and. This makes TypeScript assume an any type for all modules. It also makes the compiler ignore when you forget to specify a type for each function parameter, so I don't recommend it. Less cheating: create a file called types.d.ts at the root of your source directory containing declare module *;. This counts as an explicit any declaration for every module. Hard-core: create type declarations.

TypeScript 0.9 wurde 2013 veröffentlicht und brachte Unterstützung für Generische Typen. TypeScript 1.0 wurde 2014 auf Microsofts hauseigener Entwicklerkonferenz Build vorgestellt. Auch erhielt Visual Studio Unterstützung für TypeScript. Im Juli 2014 kündigten die Entwickler von TypeScript einen neuen Compiler an, der fünfmal schneller sein sollte als der alte. Gleichzeitig wurde der. What is an Operator? An operator defines some function that will be performed on the data. The data on which operators work are called operands. Consider the following expression −. 7 + 5 = 12. Here, the values 7, 5, and 12 are operands, while + and = are operators. The major operators in TypeScript can be classified as −. Arithmetic operators On the world of TypeScript we have two properties that are smarter than you think, this thing is the Union Types and Type Guards and I'll talk a little bit about the bellow Union Types In javascript development, there are a few moments when you will have to deal with two or more types of information in your parameter or variable, that's where the union types comes into play Typescript will understand that the only other type option for a and b is a number.So it will apply number properties and methods to the variables within the else block.. instanceof. Similar to the use-case for variables described above, instanceof applies itself to user-defined classes and objects TypeScript - switch. The switch statement is used to check for multiple values and executes sets of statements for each of those values. A switch statement has one block of code corresponding to each value and can have any number of such blocks. When the match to a value is found, the corresponding block of code is executed

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但是TypeScript并不会阻止你与其它字符串比较,语言不会把那些表达式识别为类型保护。 instanceof类型保护. 如果你已经阅读了 typeof类型保护并且对JavaScript里的 instanceof操作符熟悉的话,你可能已经猜到了这节要讲的内容 instanceofによる型の保護 . もし、typeofに Nullの型(Nullable types) TypeScript には特別な型nullとundefinedが存在し、それぞれnullとundefinedの値を持ちます。 これらは、基本の型のセクションで概要を少しだけ説明しています。 デフォルトでは、型チェッカーはnullとundefinedはどんなものにも割り当て可能. 不过instanceof也并不能完全可信,比如通过Symbol.hasInstance属性可以影响instanceof的判断结果: function Person(){ } Object.defineProperty(Person,Symbol.hasInstance,{ value : function(){ return false; } }) let p = new Person(); p instanceof Person;//false 但是Symbol.hasInstance属性并不会影响到数据的原型链,使用自定义的myInstanceof方法 不会.

TypeScript: type vs interface Jul 21, 2019 · 4 minute read · typescript webdev Disclaimer: This article is older than 180 days.The author may not hold that opinion anymore. In one of my recent PRs I changed all interfaces to types because there were already more types than interfaces.In the review, I was asked to revert the change TypeScript高级类型交叉类型(Intersection Types)交叉类型是将多个类型合并为一个类型。 这让我们可以把现有的多种类型叠加到一起成为一种类型,它包含了所需的所有类型的特性。 例如, Person & Serializable & Loggable同时_来自TypeScript 教程,w3cschool编程狮 Instanceof verwenden 14 Mit typeof 15 Typüberwachungsfunktionen 15 Kapitel 5: Debuggen 17 Einführung 17 Examples 17 JavaScript mit SourceMaps in Visual Studio-Code 17 JavaScript mit SourceMaps in WebStorm 17 TypeScript mit TS-Knoten in Visual Studio-Code 18 TypeScript mit TS-Knoten in WebStorm 19 Kapitel 6: Externe Bibliotheken importieren 21 Syntax 21 Bemerkungen 21 Examples 21 Ein Modul.

Using type annotations in TypeScript constrains the possible types your code will need to deal with, but it is still common to need to take different code paths based on the runtime type of a variable. Type guards let you write code that discriminates based on the runtime type of a variable, while remaining strongly typed and avoiding casts (also known as type assertions). Using instanceof. Get right to coding with out-of-the-box TypeScript support and built-in developer tools. Improve the design of your TypeScript code with over a dozen advanced refactorings Javascript Instanceof Operator. The instanceof operator is used to check the type of the object at a run time. The instanceof operator tests a presence of constructor.prototype in the object's prototype chain. It checks the current object and returns true if the object is of the specified object type. The Left Hand Side (LHS) operand is an. Damit instanceof Gewohnheit Ja wirklich Erzählen Sie viel über den Typ, wenn Sie strukturelle Typen in TypeScript nutzen. 2 Ich hätte ewig gebraucht, um das für mich selbst zu erkennen! Im Grunde genommen kam mir die Idee nicht, was besser ist

You don't want to be duplicating action type strings at the case statements, nor in the dispatch calls, you could easily mistype an action and you don't get the nice autocomplete from typescript. For our Action type we use a union. Typing the action as a union allows us to use the case statement like a type guard Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn about type castings in TypeScript, which allow you to convert a variable from one type to another type. JavaScript doesn't have a concept of type casting because variables have dynamic types. However, every variable in TypeScript has a type. Type castings allow you to convert a variable from [ instanceof 演算子は、object のプロトタイプチェインで constructor.prototype の存在を確認します。 // コンストラクタを定義 function C {} function D {} let o = new C // true なぜなら: Object.getPrototypeOf(o) === C.prototype o instanceof C; // false D.prototype は o のプロトタイプチェーンのどこにも存在しない o instanceof D; o. The TypeScript type system doesn't care about if it is a class, or an object literal if it has the same members, it will be flexible and compile. But now we will add a third type: the Customer. class Customer { name: string; age: number; }; It not only has the name property, but also the age. What would happen if we instantiate a Client instance in a constant of type Customer? const c4.

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The problem with the code above is that we must pass an object that implements the whole UserModel interface, otherwise typescript will be . But in our case, we want to be dynamic and not be committed to the entire interface, but still get IntelliSense. TypeScript (v2.1) provides us with a solution precisely for these cases — The Partial interface. All we need to do is to change the code. With TypeScript, we can't use property accessors like adventurer.castSpell unless all the constituents of the union of types have the property. Darn. Our fellowship's off to a rocky start. To get around this, we need a type guard.Type guards guard a block of code from unwanted types.As with all things, there are several ways to use type guards Web-App Tutorial 4: Typsicheres JavaScript mit TypeScript. JavaScript ist universell anwendbar und hat längst vielfältige Einsatzgebiete. Leider ist die Sprache in größeren Projekten nicht immer einfach zu handhaben. Typen muss man nicht angeben, und mit der Objektorientierung nimmt es JavaScript auch nicht so genau To streamline the type check, I'd like to encapsulate it in a function. (Negating the result of a function call is clearer than negating an instanceof check.) The problem we'll see is that TypeScript doesn't propagate any type checks performed in a function into its caller. It will still treat the checked Result as potentially being an. TypeScript is object oriented JavaScript. TypeScript supports object-oriented programming features like classes, interfaces, etc. A class in terms of OOP is a blueprint for creating objects. A class encapsulates data for the object. Typescript gives built in support for this concept called class. JavaScript ES5 or earlier didn't support classes. Typescript gets this feature from ES6

In this article, you will learn about handling errors in TypeScript 1. Runtime and compile time type checking. PropTypes does type-checking during runtime while the application is running in the browser. However, TypeScript does type-checking during compile time when the TypeScript code is compiled to JavaScript. This is worth noting because it influences how the tools can be used TypeScript 熟知 JavaScript 中 instanceof 和 typeof 运算符的用法。如果你在一个条件块中使用这些,TypeScript 将会推导出在条件块中的的变量类型。如下例所示,TypeScript 将会辨别 string 上是否存在特定的函数,以及是否发生了拼写错误

Typescriptには、JavaやC#と同じ様にinterfaceがあります。 が、JavaやC#と同じ様に扱うと怪我をします。 instanceofでinterfaceは使えない。 最初に私がビックリした事です。JavaやC#では'instanceof 'で型をチェックしたり、条件分岐で使えたりします。が、Type Wie stelle ich einen beliebigen Werttyp in Typescript dar? Zum Beispiel: TS2359: Die rechte Seite eines Ausdrucks 'instanceof' muss vom Typ 'any' oder vom Typ 'Function' sein, der dem Schnittstellentyp 'Function' zugewiesen werden kann. Gili . Soweit ich das beurteilen kann, Functionist der einzige Weg: class Checker { /** * @param first a value * @param second the type of a value. TypeScript 1.4 sneak peek: union types, type guards, and more. Ryan. November 18th, 2014. With TypeScript 1.3 out the door, we're focused on adding more type system and ECMAScript 6 features to TypeScript. Let's take a quick look at some of the new features you'll be able to use in the next release of TypeScript

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TypeScript's instanceof die gleichen Probleme. Da es sich um eine Sprache handelt, die sich noch in der Entwicklung befindet, empfehle ich Ihnen, einen Vorschlag für eine solche Einrichtung vorzulegen. Siehe auch: MDN: Instanz von — Zeta quelle 54 . Mit TypeScript können Sie den Typ einer Variablen zur Laufzeit überprüfen. Sie können eine Validierung Funktion hinzufügen , die ein. typescript documentation: Generics. Syntax. The generic types declared within the triangle brackets: <T> Constrainting the generic types is done with the extends keyword: <T extends Car> Remark TypeScript provides data types as a part of its optional Type System. The data type classification is as given below −. The Any type. The any data type is the super type of all types in TypeScript. It denotes a dynamic type. Using the any type is equivalent to opting out of type checking for a variable. Built-in types 最近ひたすら既存のVueプロジェクトのTypeScript化をやっているのでメモとしてまとめます。 (2019/09/09 追記) vue-class-componentはvue3のRFCから外されたようで、現在は、Composition APIがRFCとなっています。 Composition APIでのTypeScript化についてはこちらの記事をどう

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padder instanceof SpaceRepeatingPadder; 一个应用实例是结合 redux 中的 reducer 中依据不同的 type,TS 能分别出不同作用域内 action 应有的类型。 类型映射 类型映射是 TypeScript 提供的从旧类型中创建新类型的一种方式。它们非常实用。比如说,我们想要快速让某个接口中的. TypeScriptでのEvent型の取り扱いの罠. クリックイベント が発生したHTMLのノードに対して作業したい事は良くあるかと思います。. 例えば下記のように 「クリックしたボタンが所属してるツリーのinput型の値を取得したいとき」 とかですね。. 編集ボタンとかで. Für Klasse-Typen, die Sie nutzen können JavaScript, instanceof, um zu bestimmen, die Klasse eine Instanz kommt, und Typoskript verengen wird der Typ in der Typ-checker automatisch. Typen abgeschleppt zur Kompilierzeit und nicht zur Laufzeit, so dass Sie können nicht überprüfen Sie den Typ zur Laufzeit Once TypeScript allows skipping some generics when calling a function with multiple generics (see this issue for more information), we could handle this better, but for now, if we need to work with errors and don't want to resort to passing Generics, we can narrow the type with an instanceof check

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  1. TypeScript 高级技巧. 用了一段时间的 typescript 之后,深感中大型项目中 typescript 的必要性,它能够提前在编译期避免许多 bug,如很恶心的拼写问题。. 而越来越多的 package 也开始使用 ts ,学习 ts 已是势在必行。. 以下是我在工作中总结到的比较实用的 typescript.
  2. To circumvent the type annotation error, you can use a type guard. Type Guards. A type guard is a runtime check which guarantees a type in a defined scope. There are different forms of type guards. The simplest type guard is a conditional block paired with an instanceof check
  3. instanceof 操作符的右操作数要求是一个 Constructor,这就导致在 ts 环境下,interface 和 type 定义的类型等不能放在该位置; 常量类型的判断. 基本原理: 通过 typescript 类型变量的值来做判定。 基本用
  4. Typescript では Type assertion を使う代わりに実行時型チェックを強制する Type Guard という仕組みがあるので試してみた。 失敗例. まずは Type assertions を使ったよくある失敗例。JSON データの内容によって別の型として扱おうとしている
  5. interface VS type. 大家使用 typescript 总会使用到 interface 和 type,官方规范 稍微说了下两者的区别. An interface can be named in an extends or implements clause, but a type alias for an object type literal cannot. An interface can have multiple merged declarations, but a type alias for an object type literal cannot
  6. TypeScript: Documentation - Creating Types from Type

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  1. Using 'Pick' in TypeScript to simplify Types and
  2. [譯]typeof 與 instanceof 技巧 - 簡易的動態型別檢查 DEVLOG of andyyo
  3. React Prop Types with TypeScript Ben Ilegbod

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  1. Der pragmatische Ansatz von TypeScript Informatik Aktuel
  2. TypeScript Type Guard
  3. TypeScript typeof How does typeof work in TypeScript
  4. TypeScript类型判断typeof,instanceof,以及as断言_iningwei的博客-CSDN博客
  5. User defined Type Guards in TypeScript - Ultimate Courses
  6. Typescript で 型(構造体) の一致を判定する (Class, Interface, Type) - Qiit
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